Support to the generation and the development of start-ups and spin-offs

The iNEST project provides:

  • a decentralized, yet coordinated, management of the Pre-Acceleration phase, as a course of action entrusted to the individual Spokes to generate and select innovative ideas to be turned into research start-ups e spin-offs. Decentralized management allows to help the neo-entrepreneurs-to-be (students, PhDs, researchers, etc.), while the coordination allows reaching economics of replication, designing methodologies and technological platforms applicable to all Spokes, starting from the best cases of each university;
  • a centralized management of the Acceleration & Fundraising phases, as a course of action for the definition of the business model of the research start-ups and spin-offs and the management of the investment rounds, to get those to enter the market and consequently scale up. Centralized management of the phases, along which the new enterprises face the real market (clients and investors), allows reaching economics of scale, using methodologies and technological platforms already developed and tested.