Health, Food
and Lifestyle

Spoke 2 – Health, Food and Lifestyles

UNITN will lead the Spoke 2 on Health, Food and Lifestyle addressing the challenges of the Smart Specialisations of Trentino and the whole Triveneto territories, through an integrated action and a concert of complementary expertise. In a framework centred around the citizen/patient, the mission of the Spoke is to boost technological and social innovation to promote human health and wellbeing and to support the digital and green transition of the Triveneto health systems.

The Spoke will pursue this ambitious overall aim through the commitment of enabling technologies and sciences spanning Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, Biotechnologies, Omics technologies, Electronics and Robotics, within the relevant social, historical, economic, and psychological context. The technologies will be integrated to contribute to the digital transformation of the Triveneto socio-economic system promoting innovative treatments and care for a healthy lifestyle while monitoring the impact on the citizens and their quality of life.

The success of Spoke 2 within iNEST will be the result of the synergy between the five contributing institutions (UNITN, FBK, UNIVR, UNITS, HIT), clinical partners, and research-oriented companies.

Spoke Leader