City, Architecture,
Sustainable design

Spoke 4 – City, Architecture, Sustainable design

The Spoke 4, led by University IUAV of Venice, is dedicated to sustainable design strategies intended as care and maintenance of the built environment at all scales and in all its facets: from the territory, to the arts, from the city, to architecture, fashion and industrial design. Designing in the North-East (NE) means designing a fragile and unique territory, in which the ethical commitment of design is confronted with the necessary care and maintenance of an articulated landscape, a widespread historical architectural heritage within a territory characterised by significant environmental risks.

The hydraulic, geological and seismic risks that already characterise the Nordest area will be exacerbated by climate change in the coming years, the necessary process of adaptation to environmental challenges and the maintenance and evolution of the building stock dictated by the energy transition will increasingly characterise the construction market, making this territory a large widespread construction-site, a sum of many small works. The proposal aims to identify and experiment, through an integrated approach, solutions, even revolutionary ones, for a rapid and profound improvement of the functional, performance and environmental transformation activities of existing real estate infrastructures. By promoting the most advanced restructuring, densification and modification practises on the real estate assets, involving innovators and the traditional supply chain and initiating a “movement for change” in the sector.

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