Tourism, culture
and creative industries

Spoke 6 – Tourism, culture and creative industries

The Spoke operates at the convergence of management, economics, science, arts, and humanities for the creation of a tourism ecosystem in which culture operates a key driver of strategic innovation. The proposed work packages will tackle the deeply rooted issues associated with the fragmentation of the tourism sector via the sharing of information empowered by digital technologies and big data analytics. A digitally mediated and context-sensitive approach to the promotion of cultural heritage will be proposed as a solution to heritage cities and natural landscapes, where concerns of preservation and sustainability have been raised.

Sustainable tourism, understood as a balance between local identity and economic reasons, will be promoted with innovative business models that tackle some of the most undesirable effects of overtourism, namely its monocultural tendency and loss of authenticity. New narrations of the region that celebrate authenticity and are particularly sensitive to cultural, linguistic and gender differences will stimulate visitors by providing knowledge and values, triggering behavioral change and social innovation.

Click here to visit the Spoke 6 website, of which Ca’ Foscari University is the lead partner.

Spoke Leader