Green and digital transition for advanced manufacturing technology

Spoke 3 – Green and digital transition for advanced manufacturing technology

Manufacturing is one of the most relevant industrial fields of our regions. In an international context characterized by a generalized insecurity and instability of the supply chains, a wildly swinging trend and a decline in demand, growing needs in terms of automation and use of advanced production techniques, to a large extent based on AI solutions, connectivity, and data analytics abilities, a crucial role played by swift, fullyintegrated and sustainable logistics and mobility systems, the completion of the green and digital transition is an absolute urgency.

To this end, the project will promote the interaction between universities, advanced local services, like incubators, accelerators, and technological parks, and companies in sectors which are considered of strategic importance to successfully implement such a transition: energy, smart manufacturing, robotics and mechatronics, materials, AI and data science. The aim is twofold: promoting innovation and supporting the conditions (technical, managerial, relational, legal) that allow the deployment of such innovations within the firms to increase the competitiveness of the whole regions.

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