Ecosystems for
Mountains Innovation

Spoke 1 – Ecosystems for Mountain Innovations

The Free University of Bolzano will lead the activities of the Spoke and develop research and technology transfer activities in the interdisciplinary area of mountain ecosystems. The main general objective is encouraging the development of new products, processes and lifestyles capable of consolidating or supporting local traditions that guarantee the survival and demographic vitality of the mountain contexts from any standpoints (economic, environmental and social). This acting on the double front of:

a) enhancing the strengths of mountain resources (extensive agro-forestry-animal activities, flourishing tourism in unique environmental ecosystems, biodiversity, multiculturalism and local traditions);

b) hampering the major risks particularly relevant in these contexts (fragmentation and safety of production systems, hard logistics, hydrological hazards, reduced quality of life). Extensive use will be made of cross-disciplinary approaches to favour technology transfer actions based on ICT and smart digitalisation, sustainability, circular economy and social surveys.

Spoke Leader