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Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem

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iNEST: an Ecosystem for Innovation

Innovation Ecosystems are networks of Universities, Public Research Institutions, Territorial Institutions and Companies.

Such Ecosystems are active in technology specialization areas which are coherent with territorial industrial & research missions, and promote and strengthen cooperation among Research, Economic players and Institutions.

Ecosystems add value to research outcomes, make easier technology transfer and digital transformation of companies and related processes, taking care of economic and environmental sustainability and of social impacts.

iNEST in the Nord-EST area
iNEST: a new Ecosystem paradigm

iNEST is the interconnection of multiple ecosystems, each of which is associated with a theme

iNEST model is based on the extensive use of information and communication technologies and digitization, and aims at the development of innovative technologies for people’s well-being and the dissemination of culture and economic and entrepreneurial growth

The iNEST Spokes

The iNEST research topics

1. Ecosystems for Mountain Innovations
2. Health, Food and Lifestyles
3. Green and Digital Transition For Advanced Manufacturing Technology
4. City, Architecture and Sustainable Design
5. Smart and Sustainable Environments
6. Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries
7. Smart Agri-Food
8. Maritime, Marine and Inland Water Technologies
9. Models, Methods, Computing Technologies for Digital Twin

The iNEST cross-cutting activities

Activities of Spokes are supported and enhanced by 4 Cross-Cutting initiatives

Education, from ITS to Lifelong Learning

Developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that enable people to contribute to and benefit from an inclusive and sustainable future.

A network of joint strategic laboratories between universities and companies

Universities and research institutions started promoting a different model of collaboration between universities and companies centered on lab villages. 

Citizen engagement initiatives

The engagement of citizens, local community and civil society is at the core of the iNEST Project as well as of all recent communications and strategies of the European Commission.

Support to the generation and the development of start-ups and spin-offs

A course of action entrusted to the individual Spokes to generate and select innovative ideas to be turned into research start-ups e spin-offs.

The Spokes referees

The referees of iNEST research topics

Fabrizio Mazzetto

Spoke 1 – Ecosystems for Mountain Innovations
Leader: UNIBZ

Francesco De Natale

Spoke 2 – Health, Food and Lifestyles
Leader: UNITN

Angelo Montanari

Spoke 3 – Green and Digital Transition
Leader: UNIUD

Lorenzo Fabian

Spoke 4 – City, Architecture and Sustainable Design
Leader: IUAV

Luciano Gamberini

Spoke 5 – Smart and Sustainable Environments
Leader: UNIPD

Fabrizio Panozzo

Spoke 6 – Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries
Leader: UNIVE

Maurizio Ugliano

Spoke 7 – Smart Agri-Food
Leader: UNIVR

Maria Cristina Pedicchio

Spoke 8 – Maritime, Marine and Inland Water Technologies
Leader: UNITS

Gianluigi Rozza

Spoke 9 – Models, Methods, Computing Technologies for Digital Twin
Leader: SISSA

Franco Bonollo

Consorzio iNEST – Chairman 

Luca Fabbri

Consorzio iNEST – General Manager

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