iNEST in the Nord-Est of Italy

The iNEST Project aims to define a new Innovation Ecosystem paradigm, based on:

  • multi-vocationality;
  • ability to generate added value through an integrated and interconnected approach, overcoming the risks of fragmentation;
  • networking, with a partnership-based approach.

The key tools for the development of this new paradigm are:

  • information and communication technologies (ICT) and digitisation;
  • innovative technologies for the well-being of people, the diffusion of culture and growth
    economic and entrepreneurial.

The iNEST project is located in the north-east of Italy, in a region characterized by:

  • Strong territorial background (Historical, social, cultural), as driving force for cooperation
  • Key-area for Italian economy: 12% of people, 14% of GNP, 20% of Italian export
  • Variety of vocations, from industry to tourism and cultural heritage
  • Hign number of interconnections, well represented by Smart Specialization Strategies